Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Family:A reality show in the making!

Ever wondered whether any family is like yours?!!.. I always do! and I am sure you do too! I mean, every family laughs, shouts, annoys, stands for you, fight, and above all Love one another.

Susan Lieberman says "Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. they help us define who we are; they provide something steady, reliable and safe in a confusing world."

However much we think that our families, differ from one another, they don't. Maybe characters in the family differ but the way a family is supposed to be, doesn't! Sometimes, my friends and I talk about our families but each time I am surprised on how they are similar in so many ways. They are not the same, but have similar characteristics. And sometimes it wants to make my family better but other times, I am thankful for my family for who they are.

But for those who don't have "family", meaning no blood relatives, it doesn't mean, you don't have family. I like to define family as anyone who cares, loves, and respects you: that's family! Family is someone who you hang out with all the time, and you feel comfortable. Family is what you make Family.

Now, MY FAMILY on the other hand is quite a huge bag to carry. And by that, I mean my blood family. The times we laugh and joke around are the best. I wouldn't change those for anything. BUT the times we fight and bicker are the worst ones. I would change those for anything. My dad and Mom are the two most people in love but the way they show it, you might wonder how they can stand each other, but they do. This has made them stronger for us the kids.

I am so thankful for my Dad because without him, things would be totally different. There's no money enough or time enough to repay for the things he has done for us. Hope God grants both of them life.

Tile next time!

Remember , love is above everything else. Don't forget to tell your "family" how much you love them. You never know what might happen.

Take care

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Driving Experience!!! Learn!!

Hello world!!!

So today, I might have woken up from the wrong side of the bed. Woke up late!!. I Had to be at my internship at 9am, but I woke up at 9. Rushed in the shower, eat breakfast, combed my hair and headed for the road.

Feeling good, I mean its the morning, what could spoil the lovely day ahead. Little did I know, my happiness will come to a halt. So, I when I am about to pull into the driveway, I hit something. To say the least, my right headlight was smashed, and all I could say  was Omg, Omg Omg!.. I was stuck at that moment. I couldn't breathe, I literally forgot I got a nose.

So after 5 mins of  being gone to the land far away, I finally drove and got out of the car. That's when I find out that I didn't have a one headlight. Talking about using  all your paycheck which you have been waiting for.

Other than that, I am sooooo happy I gotta live another day, another year, another decade and another century.

My advice to you, when driving, PAY ATTENTION!!! Don't jam on the music on the radio and forget your driving. Pay attention to what is in front, sides and back of you, You never know what you might run into. And always PRAY before you operate machinery, I feel if I hadn't prayed before entering that car, It could have been worse but I am thankful to God.

Till next time

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LOVE! What's your Story?

So, throughout this week, I have been feeling inspired by so many things. Some of the things include Love, Friends, God and Family. But for the sake of having something to write every-time,  I am going to write about a topic one a time.

So today, I will go with LOVE

Whether you have been in love, or experienced love (from friends and family), you know how it feels like.
Having been in love Once and lost it, I know how it feels like. It can either tear you down or bring you up. It can teach you or make you stupid. It can be real or fake. It can be with the wrong or right person. It can be when your older or younger.It can be in your country or outside. But what matters is LOVE at the end of the day.

My personal story, it taught me a lot. It taught me not to take anything for granted. to compromise, to listen, to stand for something, to do the right them, to make your partner happy and above all SHARE that love. I wish I knew then what I know now about love, maybe I would not have lost it. But all this time, I have been single, it has opened my eyes on WHAT I want when it decides to come my way. I know my type now. I know I cant settle for anything less than that. I FINALLY know what I want and that's the best feeling ever. I know he is somewhere there waiting or looking for me, either way, we will meet.

So, don't worry if you can't or never experienced it, God will show you love in so many ways you can never imagine. He may not necessarily show by having a girlfriend or boyfriend, but through anyone who walks in your path.

So, Deuces for now!
Till next time
Watch the Space
Go Show Some Love! :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Joys of College

So, its my last year in college.

This road has been fun. tough. long. but sometimes around now in December, ill be out and gone to better heights.

I have created friendship I will cherish forever, I have partied enough to last me a life time (still partying tho), will forget all the morning classes and the unnecessary Maths classes I had to take.

But one thing I wont forget for sure is the HANGOVERS...Terrible..terrible...